9 Instagram accounts of adult ballerinas that will inspire you

Evgenia Budrina
4 min readDec 21, 2020
Picture from @ballerina_janushka_clarushka. Instagram account.

Adult ballet is an amazing journey, but definitely not an easy one. I know how it feels to lose motivation at times, to blame yourself for not doing enough or for not having that perfect turnout.

I believe that the best motivation in such moments is…people like us! Adult ballet students, their stories, struggles, insights and recommendations is the most inspiring thing when the going gets tough.

I made a list of 9 most inspiring (according to me) Instagram accounts of adult ballerinas to bring you a generous portion of motivation just before Christmas.


  1. @ballerinasbynight. This Instagram channel is created by 2 adult ballerinas — Jana and Abby. They do a lot of free online lessons (given by themselves or by professional teachers), interviews with teachers and dancers, etc.. The biggest activity usually happens in their YouTube channel Ballerinas by Night (over 30k subscribers).

2. @_a.dancer_. Evgenia — an adult ballerina from Russia — doesn’t only share her personal journey in adult ballet, but focuses on creating useful content for adult ballet students: for example, a ballet dictionary for adults, a big guide for adult ballet students, etc.. She creates this content in collaboration with professional teachers and dancers.

3. @latetothepartyballet. Adult ballerina Patricia Pyrka gives lots of turnout tips and writes deeply interesting long reads with personal insights. Unlike many bloggers out there, she also writes about philosophical aspects of adult ballet, not only physical ones.

4. @myballetsteps. Hanna Holmes is a writer and a mom with 2 kids. She shares cozy pictures of her ballet classes at home, sometimes with her daughter.

5. @jojo.ballerina. Jojo is an Australian adult ballerina and an ambassador of an Australian ballet wear brand. She started ballet at the age of 23. And I simply love those glamorously pink pointe shoe collages she makes!

6. @tanyatanci_official. Tanya is an adult ballerina from Russia and a journalist. As a journalist, in her Instagram she does lots of interviews with Russian ballet stars (you can watch them on her YouTube channel, the link is in her bio). She also posts video tutorials where professional dancers give tips on improving turnout, posture, flexibility etc.

7. @ballerina_janushka_clarushka. Jana is an adult ballerina living in Koln, Germany. Her account is a true inspiration for those who appreciate art more than sports in ballet. She makes her own ballet wear from her old clothes and shares beautiful ballet pictures of herself in unusual locations. It is a truly rare example of looking at adult ballet as pure art, not physical achievements.

8. @lera_taglioni. An adult ballerina from Russia who took her passion for ballet to a professional level. She organizes ballet performances where both professionals and amateur adults participate.

9. @bodyposiballerina. Emily Barber calls herself a body positive ballerina. Her account is proof that you do not need an ideal body to be a great (and flexible) dancer.

Author — Evgenia Budrina. I am a dance enthusiast from Russia.

I started doing ballet at 32. In my blog I write about and for those who started dancing as adults and take it seriously. Personal stories, failures, life-hacks and thoughts.

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Evgenia Budrina

Dance enthusiast from Russia. This blog is about dancing as an adult: starting out, keeping up, motivating yourself. Personal stories, failures, lifehacks.